Janani H.

Graduate Ambassador at Cornell University

Hometown: Tamil Nadu, India


Graduate Program

Graduate Program: Soil and Crop Sciences, PhD

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2022


Institution: Anna University

Major: Biotechnology

My Background

I'm an international student who finished my undergraduate education in India. I received a Masters degree in Environmental Science from The Ohio State University and worked at an Indian genomics start-up before I started my PhD program at Cornell.

Why I chose Cornell

Excellent research fit and a quality mentoring experience, based on conversations with other graduate students. I also loved whatever I saw and heard about the Ithaca and upstate New York area!

My research interests

I study how microbes evolve and disperse in the soil. To answer questions in this field, I draw on methods and theories from microbiology, ecology and genomics. More specifically, I am interested in the bacterial genus Streptomyces, which is famous for its antibiotic production and characteristic petrichor smell. My research revolves around their habitat preferences and biogeography, Streptomyces taxonomy and phylogeny, and the evolution of antibiotic production in this group of bacteria.

My experience at Cornell

Being a graduate student at Cornell has allowed me to develop not only my research skills, but also many other skills that are essential to my professional success. The interdisciplinary and flexible nature of graduate education in my program has enabled me to construct a unique graduate education experience.

My advice for those exploring graduate school

It's never too early to start thinking about graduate school. Please reach out to any of the ambassadors for questions about Cornell or even other graduate school applications.

I'm passionate about...

Science writing Podcasting Reading Yoga Board Games

I'm involved with...

Graduate Women in Science Graduate and Professional Students International SIPS Graduate Student Council Intergroup Dialogue Project Diversity Preview Weekend
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