Jackie L.

Graduate Ambassador at Cornell University

Hometown: Half Moon Bay, CA


Graduate Program

Graduate Program: Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Ph.D

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2025


Institution: University of California, Los Angeles

Major: Chemistry

My Background

I am a first-generation undocumented immigrant from Oaxaca, Mexico. Growing up in a small coastal town in California helped me appreciate nature and the outdoors. I love running and hiking. I am not the best cook, but I enjoy trying out new foods and cuisines that are vegan-friendly. I also love coffee and getting work done at local coffee shops.

My research interests

I have a passion for organic and inorganic chemistry as well as sustainability. My current research combines aspects of these topics in the broader field of polymer chemistry. I study the use of compatibilizers as additives that facilitate the recycling of polyethylene and polypropylene mixed plastic waste.

My experience at Cornell

It was difficult to move so far away from my family in California, but I have established so many great connections here at Cornell. I really feel supported and welcomed in the department and in my research lab. I am really passionate about my research, and I am excited to see where it goes.

My advice for those exploring graduate school

My advice is to ask a lot of questions! Don't be afraid to ask for help.

I'm passionate about...

I love running. Nature - Hiking Petting cute dogs coffee shop exploring

I'm involved with...

Hispanic Scholarship Fund American Association of University Women (AAUW) American Institute of Chemical Engineers American Chemical Society
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