Chinasa O.

Graduate Ambassador at Cornell University

Hometown: Kansas City, MO


Graduate Program

Graduate Program: Computer Science, PhD

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2023


Institution: Pomona College

Major: Computer Science

My Background

I came to Cornell after receiving a degree in Computer Science from Pomona College in Spring 2018. After graduating, I completed a summer internship at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, England where I worked in the Biological Computation group, helping to develop computational models and domain-specific computational tools for bacterial quorum sensing. In undergrad, I conducted research at the University of Georgia, Pomona College, Columbia University, and Carnegie Mellon University in fields ranging from computational neuroscience to human-computer interaction.

Why I chose Cornell

Aside from being the top program in the Ivy League for computer science, I knew that Cornell was a place that would provide me with opportunities to grow outside of my comfort zone. Out of all the graduate schools I was accepted to, Cornell had the best research fit for my interests and unrivaled support for their graduate students. After leaving from department visit days, I knew that Cornell was the place for me and I have been content with my choice ever since!

My research interests

Computer vision, global health, machine learning, mobile health, and information & communication technologies for development

My experience at Cornell

It’s relatively easy to find a community here at Cornell! There are so many offices, programs, and student groups, which makes it almost effortless to find an outlet for any of my interests. Additionally, the graduate school here is unmatched in terms of support and opportunities and I couldn’t have chosen a better institution for this journey. I’ve had my struggles along the way, but the supportive communities I’ve cultivated across campus and within my department keep me motivated!

My advice for those exploring graduate school

Start early and be specific in your reasons for pursuing graduate school.

I'm passionate about...

Travelling Blogging Reading

I'm involved with...

National Society of Black Engineers Society of Women Engineers Black Entrepreneurs in Training W.E. Cornell Entrepreneurship Program Black Graduate and Professional Student Association
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