Karla G.

Graduate Ambassador at Cornell University

Hometown: San Ysidro, CA


Graduate Program

Graduate Program: Biomedical and Biological Sciences, Ph.D.

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2023


Institution: University of California, Berkeley

Major: Integrative Biology

My Background

I grew up in Tijuana and San Diego, the two cities in the Mexico/United States border region. From there I moved to Berkeley to complete my undergraduate career, and now I am part of the BBS program at Cornell.

Why I chose Cornell

When I visited Cornell for recruitment weekend, I saw that my program has a very diverse student body and the students made an effort to tell me about their experiences at Cornell. They told me about the support and resources available in our program and in the university. When recruitment weekend was over, both students and the administration kept in contact with me, which made me feel like I belonged here.

My research interests

I study how components from the tumor microenvironment (TME) in breast cancer influence the functions of macrophages (which are the most abundant immune cells in the TME). I love to study immunology and macrophages are my favorite immune cell.

My advice for those exploring graduate school

I think the most important thing is to surround yourself with people who will support you. Since a PH.D. journey is very individual, it is easy to become isolated, however, a strong support system can foster both your academic and personal growth.

I'm passionate about...

Cooking and Baking Arts and Crafts Taking care of my plants Learning how to play the piano Nature Walks

I'm involved with...

SUNY Diversity Fellow BBS Peer Mentor
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